Tuesday, August 2, 2011

"It, too, shall pass."

Throughout my adolescence, and still to this day, I have searched for the perfect quote. This perfect quote will fully encompass who I am as a person and help me to not only define who I am, but discover the inner nooks and crannies of my undiscovered personality as well. Having something I wouldn't regret later as a tattoo would have been nice too.

It was in this search that I stumbled across, "It, too, shall pass" through a story (from a friend, a book, I'm not sure, it escapes me now). A few days ago, I went to find the fable again to see if I was correct in my recollection of the story, but it only brought up people I didn't remember being there, and it was much longer, so I decided to share my memory of the story, seeing as "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" (whoop, there's another one).

I remember it going a little something like this...A young king, who had only newly gained the thrown, sat puzzled one day. He had seen his father go through times of war, and times of peace, and knowing that he would have struggles during both, he summoned his head advisor. "Sire," he asked, " Create something so grand for me that will keep me wise through the turmoils that lay ahead in my reign, in both good times and bad times." His advisor nodded and came back only a few weeks later with a tiny box. Disappointed, the young King opened it to behold a simple silver ring, with no designs or embellishments. On the inside, only, "It, too, shall pass." Confused, the King look to his advisor who stated,"Whether you are in the lows of war, or the highs of peace, know that it is only temporary, and do not worry, yet act accordingly."

While I did not get the full story out there, definitely not in the most eloquent manner, hopefully you understood the essence of the story. In times of trouble, do not fret, it shall get better, and in times of happiness, do not take it for granted, because it is only temporary.

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