Friday, August 17, 2012

I'm back!... with Shampoo.

Hello friends! 

After a long absence, I have returned to Kelsey Elizabeth, and am excited to start sharing here again! I spent four months studying abroad in London, and wrote about my experiences on a different blog, Visiting Abbey Road. If you have any interest in reading about my adventures there, please feel free to go check it out (I'm not posting on there anymore though). 

I needed to write this post for you to tell you about a drugstore product I have rediscovered (and am loving), Pantene nature fusion Moisture Balance Shampoo and Conditioner, incase you have the same problem I do! 

Having quite voluminous and frizzy hair, it has taken me years to figure out which products work. Not being able to find good drugstore products, I have turned to more expensive hair salon products in high school and college to smooth frizz. Most recently, I have used (and loved) BB's coco de creme because it works to tame my frizz. However, it has a heavy price tag of $20-$26 for a teency weency bottle (8 oz), so I was in the market for a new S & C . 

While we were down in Emerald Isle, NC I didn't bring shampoo or conditioner, figuring I would just buy it down here. I asked Mom to pick up Pantene at the grocery store (having always loved their S & C when I was much younger), and fell in love with it! It was $7 for a ~25 oz bottle, which was much better than the BB coco de creme, but had similar results. I noticed at dinner that my hair was very smooth, and continued to see the same results the rest of the week without using any other products. 

Normally, I have to put a great deal of moroccan oil creme in after I S & C'ed my hair with the BB creme, so the fact that I could put no products in my hair thoroughly surprised me. I was also surprised that my hair acted this way in the NC humidity, which has a tendency to make the frizz worse. 

I do have to warn you though, I have very thick, but fine hair. If you have coarse hair, it may not be as smoothing, and if you have thinner hair (and especially finer hair), this conditioner may weigh it down. However, if you, or any loved ones, are in the market for a smoothing S & C, try this line- it isn't expensive, and it works wonders! 

Talk to you soon! 

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